About KPIA

  • 01

    Making joint efforts to achieve the sound development of the petrochemical industry

    • Making proposals to the government to remove difficulties in the industry
    • Activities targeting the government to improve institutions regarding the petrochemical industry
    • Exploring ways to develop the petrochemical industry and strengthen competitiveness
    • Strengthening cooperation and coordinating interests among industries including raw materials and logistics
    • Strengthening public relations activity to improve the image of the petrochemical industry
  • 02

    Providing the latest domestic and overseas information promptly

    • Information on market trends of the petrochemical industry
    • Information on petrochemical policy
    • Information on the development direction of the petrochemical industry
    • Information related to statistics on petrochemistry
    • Information on logistics of petrochemistry
    • Experts’ reports and analysis
  • 03

    Establishing the platform for social networking and information exchange among members

    • Holding regular morning meeting among CEOs of member companies (monthly)
    • Holding a New Year’s greeting for the petrochemical industry
    • Holding area-specific committee or consultative bodies
    • Holding a seminar by inviting experts
  • 04

    Responding to trade conflicts and supporting for international cooperation

    • Responding to FTAs, which took effect already or are in negotiation
    • Supporting response to import regulation (anti-dumping, safeguard)
    • Holding and participating in the Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference
    • Holding and participating in the Korea-China Petrochemical Conference
    • Improving other national competitiveness
      (Holding seminar on international trade, response to quota and support for the selection of the world’s best products, etc.)
  • 05

    Strengthening response to domestic and overseas environmental and safety regulations

    • Responding to the establishment of the post-2020 national long-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal
    • Forming “consortium for joint registration of the petrochemical industry) and running a secretariat to implement Act on the Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances
    • Responding to acts related to climate change and environmental regulations
    • Establishing and vitalizing network including task force team related to environmental and safety regulations
  • 06

    Providing various kinds of publications issued by the association and use of website

    • Petrochemistry (monthly)
    • Petrochemistry handbook (annual)
    • Petrochemical Industry in Korea (brochure in English, annual)
    • List of CEOs of member companies (annual)
    • Report on research and investigation including special report (frequently)